Self Worth/ The Fastest Road to Health & Happiness

My Self Worth = My Love For Me!

Depositphotos_6374996_l-2015My Self Worth= How much I love my Family!

My Self Worth = How I take care of My Body!

My Happiness is contingent and proportionately dependent on my Self Worth!

Nothing says I love me more than, taking care of my body. Feeding my body the proper nutrients. By getting the proper rest and exercising on a regular basis. And by continuously stimulating my mind and learning new things regularly.

I have one chance at this, and history proves that at the end of the day. Without good health and a general fitness level, life is much harder. So I’m loving myself daily.

What we do today, will affect, What we can do tomorrow! (on the other hand)

What we can’t do today. Will effect and ultimately is a window to, a cascade of musculoskeletal problems and limitations. ( If left unattended to, in your future.)

“There is nothing more rewarding as to make people realize that they are worthwhile in this world.” Bob Anderson

Self Worth 101

I think Self Worth and Love, begins with knowing ourselves, and knowing our bodies.

I guess the biggest issue for me was, that I somehow loss focus on myself a long time ago. And thought that my life and time was better utilized on helping others. I dedicated my career to helping others, and I said I would do everything in my power to be a difference and help as many people as I can. But the thing that I realized after I spent a lot of money, learned a lot of cool things about our bodies, and burnt myself out. No one really cares. Most people are content where they are just as long as things don’t get worse. Others are either to busy, or just don’t want to deal with the discomfort of getting it done. Then there are the few, that are tired of being tired and do the work, and see results! And those who have just figured it out through experience. Nothing hurts anymore and we feel and see what a difference it makes. So to and for those few, I continue, also to do the work.

But what some of us fail to realize is, that as living organisms if we’re not getting better we’re getting worse, if we’re not doing things to live longer tomorrows, we’re just shortening our life span.
That’s just it!
But Wait,                                                                                                                                                 There’s More-
Each day we age, if ,somehow you forgot.                                                                                                                                                                        I think we only think about it most on birthdays and funerals.                                                 Plus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 *If we don’t exercise to preserve what we have and build on the foundation. We age Faster!
*If we don’t get adequate rest to rebuild and rejuvenate. We age Faster!
*If we don’t fuel our bodies with proper wholesome foods to rebuild the trillions of cells in our bodies. We age Faster and weaker!

Now you really don’t have to tell me, We have so much responsibilities as adults. Everything takes precedence over ME. The kids , the job, the Grandparents, the relationship, etc., etc. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I NEED to do and worry about eating good and working out. I’ll get to it, when I get a chance.

I mean some of us are even “working out a few times a week” but really if we look at our progress over the last few years we probably look the same, or even gained a few pounds and just blamed it on aging.

The gym experience, is more like therapy on a psychological level nowadays. As long as I have a nice experience, where I can exit the reality of the life that I live outside of the gym. Laugh and take selfies with my fly a** trainer, while he text and check likes. While I’m about to through my back out pushing this sled down the gym. Get a good sweat, a smoothie/ salad / or a green juice, and I look good in spandex. Life is Good. And that might just be the case for some of you. Who have two kids and the metabolism of a teenager , but for those of us who are trying to lose weight, or are in pain , or have some other goals. Just sweating and burning calories, while we jump around is fun, but if I’m not in at least, a general fitness level, and getting better (meaning seeing results, i.e. weight loss, decreased pain, increased strength, motor skill improvement) that’s not exercise, that’s ENTERTAINMENT!

Now entertainment is FUN! Especially if it involves exercise! I’m all for it! But I also want Results!
So I don’t mind doing a class two or three times a week for a few bucks, to sweat and burn some extra calories, and move my joints. As long as they include strength training WEIGHTS, to balance my lifestyle. Or some other type of benefit that’s actually making me better.
What do I mean?

The Dilemma

The gym experience, exercise experience, or whatever you may call it. Should be designed specifically for each individual. We all are unique, in how we look, move, think and process information. Our daily tasks and how we complete them are unique, our childhoods, injuries, where we grew up. The stress that we encounter at work, our commute. The ways our bodies process foods, all these things are unique to us as individuals.

Yet we spend more time learning about the world, then ourselves. Most people know more about there cellphones, than they know about fueling their body type. They can tell me about places they’ve been and explain another countries culture and all that they’ve learned. I have clients who can build a website from scratch, but can’t figure out macronutrients  after, searching the web and me explaining it to them every other session. Is it, that,  they just can’t understand it or they just don’t care. Who knows? But if animals can figure it out, with the limited resources that they have. Go figure.

Now You might not realize the importance in that, but if I’m eating optimally, then my work production and how I deal with stress will be less taxing on my system/body. If I’m eating good wholesome foods my energy production , should match, just as long as my body is processing foods efficiently. And yes you can go to a nutritionist and pay someone to tell you how you’re supposed to eat, (for whatever that’s worth). But I tell you No one can give you better feed back on a meal by meal basis of whats right and whats wrong for you better than YOU. How? I’ll let you know in a second.

Then you have trainers who don’t value their Self Worth. We have the greatest influence in the lives of the people  that we encounter. Some of us deal with clients at least once every week. Yet people will look to google for health or exercise information. Trainers are more concerned about wardrobes, and social media likes, then actually helping people. They too invest in their appearance rather then educate themselves. They go on the internet, and plagiarize workouts. Without even practicing them, and then will have all of their clients doing the same workout.

Next time you’re with your trainer ask them when was the last time they took a course, or learned something new. Ask them a couple origins and insertions of muscles, but (google the answer your self first). Ask them where does bicep femoris  insert and what’s the action. If they look towards their arm or elbow, note it, and try to get yourself out of that situation as soon as possible. If your trainer is a little over weight that’s a  problem. Don’t settle for less, you deserve the best. Now back to the nutrition.

Nutrition 101

Once you figure out which foods work best for you ( meaning around 2-3 hours of good energy after the meal, no cravings, crashes, etc.) you right them down. Do it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. After a few weeks , you can put together your diet, for as long as you continue to experience the desired results. Being mindful of changes in weather, times, rest, and anything else that would affect your energy levels. If you start experiencing different results at any point. You might have to begin the process again.

Just learn the basics , macronutrients- Proteins, Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats. You want some veggies, legumes, nuts try to get these things ESPECIALLY your macronutrients in every meal. Then just keep a log for a week , these are the first steps to creating an environment to love yourself and increase your self worth.. Then go over it, you might have to do this two or three times to dial it in , but it’s definitely worth it and can be fun. This is for everyone you can be under weight, happy with your weight , or not, if you are not experiencing good energy throughout the day. Or just feel like you want to change the way you’re eating. Or are tired of trying all these crazy diets. Try listening to your body, it may take a while, but choosing good healthy foods is not as hard as it use to be. The key is learning macronutrients and finding your right mix.

We have more degrees but less sense; more knowledge but less judgement; more experts, but more problems; more medicines but less healthiness……DALAI LAMA

The Decision

Taking care of ourselves is so easy nowadays, its hard. So many decisions, controversies, one year this is good next year its bad. Try this, buy that, everywhere you turn someone is trying to sell you something. But the reality is that in this day and age it is really possible and extremely tangible to live a longer healthier life if you start taking better care of yourself No Matter Where You Are. You just need to start. Not wait until You get better….. Start now. Ask yourself where do you want to be in the next few years. What type of physical life would you like to be living? What are your health and fitness goals(present/future)?
The hard part is breaking the old habits and letting go of the insecurities, that we held onto for so long, that we look at them as strengths. It’s about creating new habits, and dealing with your stuff. But it doesn’t have to be a big deal. We can break it down into bite size chunks. Habit formation works the same for good/bad. Practice small new habits.

We need to start liking ourselves more. Taking the time out to fill our cups first thing, before we attempt to take on the world. If You’re having problems getting started with exercising. I recommend start out with small goals. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes early for 1-2 mornings out of the week, for the first 2 weeks. ( If you can, make sure its on a day where you think you will be able to get a good nights sleep the night before). Put together your workout clothes and gear the night before, now the option here is yours. You can put together a little routine 15-20 min routine, depending on your fitness level, or find something online to stream, on you tube, or go to my website (link) and pick a workout. Wake up first thing in the morning do some gentle movements, to warm your joints up. The option here is yours, you can also utilize the first couple of minutes to meditate or drink a cup of coffee. Do whatever it is you need to do, but the one thing you know, is that getting it done now. There will be NO interruptions, and the first thing you did for the day was INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. If exercise is not your thing find something you enjoy and do it. It might have been something you haven’t done since high school or college. Or try Zumba, rock climbing, the batting cages, hiking, or go to a day/night party.  But make that appointment with yourself and keep it. Once your comfortable, you can increase your amount of days, then look into increasing time and load. I would say after about 60 days, look into getting a professional program designed for you. So that you know you are getting the maximum benefits from your time invested. But also so that you can progress without any drawbacks. Because Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Every one needs balance to their lives in some way.

In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. Self-esteem – Wikipedia Self Worth

Self Worth 102

We are the only creatures that continue to try to go against the laws of life. Take a look at society nowadays all the dis-EASE , the state of deterioration is increasing, look at people in there 30’s, and 40’s. Injuries , heart attacks,etc. But all the selfie sticks still go up!  We’re even getting our pets sick. Dogs and cats with cancer, getting chemotherapy. We have obese pets. The only fat dogs I’ve seen in the wild or streets was pregnant. Even on the National Geographical Channel, I can’t recall seeing obese tigers, lions, or bears.

We constantly defy nature. I mean we also break the laws of man as long as the repercussions aren’t sudden death. But for the most part, we’re a law-abiding society, but something as simple and IMPORTANT as what , when , and how to eat, we either treat it like it’s secondary, or not worth the time to educate our selves.
Yet we continuously attempt to reap more than we sow. (on one side of the spectrum). We’re going, going, going, resting less, eating less, but still trying to put out maximum output. The times that we do choose to eat are usually intermission based. The rest that we do receive is often sporadic. But we continue to tax the system ( OUR SYSTEMS), because we have to. NO One else would/could, ( work 10-14 hour shifts, work 8 hr shifts w/a 3-4 hr commute, while being a parent, and taking care of the kids, our parents, our spouses, etc., etc.).
Then there are the harvesters who just continue to harvest, rest more, move less, they eat, and barely move throughout the day, over three-quarters of their day is spent in a chair, Breakfast (if they even eat), the commute, work, the commute, you’re home the couch, the computer, the easy chair, wherever it is we’re SEATED. We’re not bringing any balance to the daily stress loads. Organs are hardly moving, lymph fluid is stagnant. The bodies systems are not being utilized properly, fuel/foods is usually cheap and processed, and most if not all sensory systems are usually overloaded at this point.

The analogy of a car to the human body is accurate enough to analyze for the purposes of showing self worth. If you had a brand new car, that you know you would have to use for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you take care of it. Remember the first car you ever  got. The fact of the matter is some of us take better care of our cars, clothes, families, and friends , then ourselves. We love our families, and hate our lives. We appear to be in excellent health on camera and to the public. We actually have been investing  more into our appearance, then our health our hold adult lives. Every time you make the decision to eat or not to eat it affects your health and ultimately your future. A future void of health and general fitness is becoming accepted, amongst the general population. Pain management is a household term, someone has a bad (fill in _______ ,knee, shoulder, etc.) something that they’ve either been medicating or dealing with for some time. Like the first dent or scratch on your car, (that’s your fault) you want to get it fixed, but if you go through insurance,(eeehhhhh) and if you pay it out-of-pocket, (eehhhhh)? So you just forget about it after a day or two. Or only when you see it you think about getting it fixed, then you accidentally bump into someone else’s car trying to park and now you have a minor dent in the same place, and your upset. But this time a little less, and the urgency to fix the first one subsides. Then the saga begins. Self worth diminishes. Before you know it, it’s what takes precedence that matter’s. The knee has its good day’s and bad day’s. But I need medication for my back pain. So the first scratch doesn’t even bother you as much, and you now look at optimal health, like getting your old car new again. If insurance doesn’t pay for it, you’re not coming out of pocket/ or spending the time to do whats required/fixing it.

Self Worth 103

There is No greater treasure than optimal health, Most of us are born with good health, but are not taught ways to  preserve it, fuel it , or mature it. Why not start NOW? Take the time to learn new things, develop new skills, it’s never too late to learn. Learn about your body, what foods make you feel better/worse. What exercises will help balance your lifestyle the best, so that you can live a longer healthy one.  If we’re not growing we’re dying. Play a positive part in your physical longevity. Keep a journal, a daily log for a week or two. You’re worth it. Self Worth starts with You.

If you’re currently working with a trainer and you’re not getting the results you desire, FIRE them. Or if you’ve been with them so long that’s not really what you want to do. I suggest you make a decision, either you work together to get your goals accomplished, (meaning if your trainer isn’t qualified to help you, the two of you work together, on finding out what educational requirements it’s going to take, or if that’s not an option, you continue working with your trainer for general fitness, and ask them to refer you to someone for whatever your issue is, e.g. weight loss, if you haven’t loss weight in a few weeks, ok months, you might have to see a specialist, if you’ve been in pain and you’re still working out in pain?????  You may have to see a specialist. Pain is our bodies telling us that something is wrong. If we ignore it, it will go away after the body warms up, because you are telling your body this is something that is more important, so your body responds accordingly, and shuts off the pain signal so that you can continue hurting yourself or running for your life. That’s why I really don’t understand pain management? Why would you want pain managed ? Get the issues in your body dealt with, I mean if you have congenital issues, that’s something different. But if it’s something you acquired along the way, find someone to help you. We have access to more info then we will ever need. Do some research, get a second opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. Surround yourself with people who stimulate growth, not those who continuously drain you every time you’re together.Remember if we’re not growing we’re dying, it’s Life.  Invest in your Future You! Love Yourself First! Pay Yourself First! Build your Self Worth! Do what makes You happy!
Stay Forever Healthy!
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Self Worth Starts with Self