Crunch Your Way To A Healthy Nutrition With Apples!

There’s nо easier wау tо add a dose оf nutrition tо уоur day thаn bу crunching оn a tasty apple. Yоu probably fіrѕt experienced іtѕ delightful flavor аѕ a baby, whеn applesauce introduced уоu tо real food. And nоw, whеthеr it’s a Granny Smith, a McIntosh, оr a Rеd Delicious, уоu think оf apples аѕ old friends. Grown thrоughоut thе world, apples аrе high іn fiber, vitamins, minerals, аnd antioxidants. They’re fat-free, cholesterol-free, аnd lоw іn sodium. In short, eating apples іѕ a smart раrt оf a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 6 wауѕ that apples kеер уоu healthy [keep reading…]

A Great Exercise Routine for Beginners

Let’s start with this very important rule: Never Overdo The First Few Sessions. Many beginners to exercising fall for this trap, especially when they do not have qualified trainers with them. They get overly excited and lose patience. They try to produce in two weeks what often takes years to accomplish.

Here is a warm-up routine to do 1 set of before every workout, but doing 3 sets of these alone can be a pretty good workout; particularly if you are a beginner. [keep reading…]

Healthy Grief And Unhealthy Grief

We all know that it is in one’s highest good to grieve the loss of a relationship. Healthy grief releases feelings rather than allowing them to get stuck in the body. Healthy grief allows the griever to heal the loss and move on with life. Yet grief is not always healing. Many of us have known people who were stuck in their grief, seemingly locked into the past and unable to move forward in their lives. [keep reading…]